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Garage Doors 101

Customize Your Door, pt. 2 - Materials


Garage doors can be made from a wide selection of materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, faux wood composite, and a combination of glass/steel.

In this section, we’ll cover the three most popular options: fiberglass, steel, and aluminum.

When choosing a garage door, there are several variants to consider such as location (what is the climate like where the door is being installed), budget, and functionality (how much use will the door get?)

Our service agents will be able to help you understand these variants and make suggestions to ensure that you get exactly what you need.


Steel is the most economical choice, and is also one of the most popular. It’s long-lasting, and comes in realistic imitation wood options. One the downside, it is heavier, dents upon impact, and is susceptible to rust.


Fiberglass is the next least expensive option, but can be more costly on a long-term basis. It’s lightweight and offers the option of translucence, giving it a beautiful glow.

Unfortunately, fiberglass also cracks easily – especially in cold weather – and yellows over time, making it relatively high maintenance.

Furthermore, fiberglass is a terrible pollutant and not very Eco-friendly.


Aluminum is becoming an increasingly popular option, as its Eco-friendly, infinitely recyclable, pest- and rust- resistant, lightweight, and durable. It is quite a bit more expensive than steel, and dents upon impact.

(Normans now offers garage doors faced off in Knotwood powder-coated aluminum, which is available in any color – you can even have your own design printed on it!)

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